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Construction Cleaning

The first cleaning is a rough clean, which consists of sweeping the entire house before applying the carpet. The vaccuming of ventilation ducts, windows and cabinets is also done. When necessary, the garage is also swept for an extra charge.

The second cleaning, also called the final clean, utilizes water for a better result.
Walls, doors, closet, chandeliers, baseboard, door and window frames, countertops, cabinets inside and out are done, in short, a deep clean.

The third cleaning is called touch up, after the house repairs are done, the cleaning is done for delivery to the owners.

Other Services


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Commercial Cleaning: Offices, banks and stores.

Residential Cleaning

Power washing: Cleaning to remove dust and oil residues that remain on sidewalks and garages.

Window cleaning :The windows are cleaned inside and out with quality products.

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